Ebagoola South


The Ebagoola South Project is the centrepiece of Lukin’s Australian portfolio and straddles up to 25 km of the mineralised NNW-trending Ebagoola shear zone and Spion Kop splay fault. The project has a similar geological setting to areas in the Northeast Queensland Mineral Province with large IRGS deposits and hosts up to 30 prospects including historic mesothermal mines that produced 642.4 kg of gold.


Comprises a single granted Exploration Permit for Minerals, EPM 26678, with an area of 312km2. The tenement is subject to a farm-in agreement with Australian Metals Corporation Pty Ltd, under which Lukin Resources may earn up to a 51% interest with the right to increase its shareholding to 60% by completing a bankable feasibility study.

Location and Access

EPM 26678 is located on Cape York Peninsula in northern Queensland, Australia, 62 km south of the town of Coen and 500 km by road from Cairns (Figure 1). Access to the area is via the Peninsula Developmental Road, a formed and mostly unpaved road, that runs adjacent to the eastern boundary of the EPM and a network of station tracks.

Source: Geo Data Pty Ltd, Independent Geologist's Report
Figure 1. Ebagoola South (EPM26678) locality and infrastructure